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Probate and Estate Administration

There are many important steps that must be taken as soon as possible after the passing of a friend or loved one to ensure that the affairs of that person are handled properly.

If the person died after having previously executed a Last Will & Testament, or simply a Will, then the Will must be probated. Probate is the legal process that transfers the decedent’s assets according to their Last Will & Testament following their death.

In the event the person died without a Will or other suitable estate plan, otherwise known as being intestate, their estate would be administered through a statutory scheme known as intestate succession, and could require a proceeding very similar to a probate.

An experienced attorney from The Crosthwait Law Firm will work with the person named in the Will to be responsible for the probate process (referred to as the executor, administrator, or personal representative), to inventory the estate assets and liabilities, notify any creditors of the decedent, protect the estate assets, minimize estate tax liability, and, finally, distribute assets to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the Will.

The entire probate process in Oklahoma for a simple estate can be completed in less than six months. More complex estates, or in the event one or more beneficiaries contests the Will, the process can take much longer.

Whether simple or complex, let the experienced and compassionate attorneys and staff at The Crosthwait Law Firm guide you through every step, in the most reliable and cost-effective way.