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Where Can I Go to Calculate Child Support in Oklahoma?

Generally speaking, child support in Oklahoma is calculated based upon the gross income of the parents of the children. There are many sources of income that can be included in the gross income, including what is called “Earned Income” and “Passive Income”. The Oklahoma legislature has defined both “Earned” and “Passive” Income in the statutes here: 43 O.S. sec. 118B.

In calculating child support, deductions or credits are given for other qualifying children in the home, daycare expenses, the cost of health insurance for the children and even transportation expenses for periods of visitation.

While a rough estimation of how much child support a person might have to pay can be calculated by visiting the Oklahoma Department of Human Services website, or the Families in Transition website, the attorneys at The Crosthwait Law Firm are experienced in determining child support obligations, and provide you with a more accurate assessment of what you might have to pay or you might receive in child support.