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2017 Interest On Judgments Has Increased

The Oklahoma Administrative Office of the Courts has issued its annual notice of the interests rates applicable to judgments obtained in Oklahoma from January 1, 2017, through January 31, 2017. The postjudgment interest rate to be charged on judgments for calendar year 2017 shall be 5.75 percent. Should you need help collecting on a judgment… Read More »

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. Reelected as ABA State Delegate

In the 2016 State Delegate Elections,  M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. was once again elected American Bar Association State Delegate for a three-year term effective at the conclusion of the 2017 New York Annual Meeting. Mr. Crosthwait has served in the House of Delegates almost continuously since 1994. This is his second term as State Delegate and member of the… Read More »

Aaron M. Arnall to Continue as Chair of the Oklahoma Bar Association Technology Committee

Aaron M. Arnall, attorney with The Crosthwait Law Firm, has been chosen by Oklahoma Bar Association President Linda S. Thomas to remain as the Chair of the Oklahoma Bar Association Technology Committee through 2017. Mr. Arnall was first appointed to the Technology Committee in 2011, and has served as Chair since 2014. The Technology Committee monitors… Read More »

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. to Serve on Oklahoma Lawyers for Children Board of Directors

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. has been chosen to serve on the Board of Directors for Oklahoma Lawyers for Children. Oklahoma Lawyers for Children “is a team of volunteer lawyers and citizen-volunteers protecting and supporting children in the foster care system…funded by private grants and donors, and each donor dollar provides over $13 in legal services.”… Read More »

Divorces Involving Minor Children After November 1, 2014

Beginning November 1, 2014, 43 O.S. 107.2, was amended to include a requirement that any “actions for divorce based upon incompatibility filed on or after November 1, 2014, where the interest of a child under eighteen (18) years of age is involved, the adult parties shall attend, either separately or together, an educational program concerning… Read More »

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. Elected ABA State Delegate

In the 2014 Contested State Delegate Elections,  M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. was elected ABA State Delegate for a three-year term effective at the conclusion of the 2014 Boston Annual Meeting. The State Delegate chairs the twelve member Oklahoma Delegation to the ABA House of Delegates and serves on the Nominating Committee of the ABA.

I’ve Been Appointed Guardian, Now What?

If you’ve been appointed guardian over a relative or other loved one, or you think that it may happen soon, please be aware that being appointed as a guardian brings with it many responsibilities and duties. The precise nature of your duties as guardian will be determined by the Judge and by Oklahoma law. You… Read More »

M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr. Receives Bobby G. Knapp Leadership Award

On June 28, 2013, M. Joe Crosthwait, Jr., was chosen by the Oklahoma County Bar Association as the recipient of the 2013 Bobby G. Knapp Leadership Award. The Bobby G. Knapp Leadership Award is awarded for sustained and effective leadership in the Oklahoma County Bar Association, distinguished by stewardship and professionalism reflecting the highest values… Read More »

Questions About Oklahoma Covenant Marriage Bill

THE FOLLOWING IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT INTENDED TO REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE CROSTHWAIT LAW FIRM, ITS ATTORNEYS, OR ITS STAFF, REGARDING  THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION. The Oklahoma Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 105, which would legalize “covenant marriage” in Oklahoma. The Bill’s proponent, Senator Josh Brecheen (R-Coalgate), cites… Read More »

For Love or Money: When Is Influence Due and Undue?

Lawsuits challenging the validity of wills and trusts based on undue influence have become increasingly more common. In many, if not most cases, the persons alleged to be exerting the influence are family members or trusted others who use their position to unduly influence the elder for their own greed or financial gain. In a… Read More »