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I’ve Been Appointed Guardian, Now What?

If you’ve been appointed guardian over a relative or other loved one, or you think that it may happen soon, please be aware that being appointed as a guardian brings with it many responsibilities and duties. The precise nature of your duties as guardian will be determined by the Judge and by Oklahoma law. You will perform your duties under the direction and supervision of the Court and will be required to account to the Court for any action you take as guardian and make appropriate reports to the court.

In Oklahoma, it is the Guardianship and Conservatorship Act, found here, that guides the Court, and you, as guardian, in setting forth what you can and cannot do to protect the financial resources and the physical well-being of minors, partially incapacitated and incapacitated persons — otherwise known as wards, or the persons over whom you are guardian.

The Administrative Office of the Courts has prepared A Handbook for Guardians, pursuant to the Guardianship and Conservatorship Act, and is designed to provide information about the Oklahoma laws and procedures concerning guardianships and conservatorships. This Handbook contains an excellent summary of the duties of guardians and conservators, such as legal notices, time tables, and required court approvals.

You can download A Handbook for Guardians here.

This handbook has been provided as a reference guide only and is not intended to answer all questions on guardianship. It is NOT designed to substitute for the advice of an attorney concerning the responsibilities, duties, authority or liabilities as a guardian. The duties and responsibilities can be overwhelming without help. The experienced attorneys from The Crosthwait Law Firm in Midwest City are very familiar with the specific needs and requirements of a guardianship in Oklahoma and are available to expertly assist you throughout the entire process.