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Guidelines for Acting Under a General Durable Power of Attorney

If you have been appointed to serve as an agent, also known as an attorney-in-fact, under a General Durable Power of Attorney, the principal has placed a great deal of trust in you. As the agent, your authority extends to the management of the financial and personal matters affecting the principal, as described in the power of attorney.

While your authority as agent may be immediately exercisable, it is generally contemplated that you will only act on behalf of the principal when he/she is no longer able to manage his/her property, business and/or health care matters. Or, when the principal, while competent, expects that you will act on his/her behalf under varying circumstances. This should be specified in the power of attorney.

Click here to download some guidelines to provide you, as the agent, with some guidance when performing your responsibilities. This is not intended to be all-encompassing legal advice, rather it is only intended to provide you with some general parameters as agent.